@PODfellas » Jared Leto Joker Voice LEAKED?

THE GEEK SPOT V1If this turns out to be fake, please cast whoever did this voice as the Joker in some Animated movies/tv shows » [CLICK HERE FOR MORE]

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@PODfellas » Batman v Superman Trailer (Fan Edit)

THE GEEK SPOT V1 To all the Geeks out there who are in our boat and just cant wait for the Bats v Supes movie to come out, we thought it was only fitting to pay homage to the comic book that kicked this all off.  Please sit back and enjoy this bit of popcorn that will hopefully take your minds of the true problem – still a year to go » [CLICK HERE FOR MORE]

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@PODfellas » Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer [HD]

THE GEEK SPOT V1In a week that made geeks world wide run out of clean jeans, DC has just released one up’d them self with an HD version of the Batman v Superman trailer. WARNING – watch at your own risk because you might be wearing track pants to work on Monday! » [CLICK HERE FOR MORE]

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@PODfellas » Leaked Batman v. Superman Trailer

THE GEEK SPOT V1The big takeaway from the trailer is that it gives us a bit of a clue as to why these two legendary heroes are fighting. People don’t trust Superman (Henry Cavill) and the power he wields after the events of Man of Steel. There’s a shot where you see a statue of Superman with the phrase “False God” scrawled along its chest in blood red paint.  Warner Bros. & Batman (Ben Affleck) is more than ready to stand up to the quintessential superhero.  “Tell me, do you bleed?” a Batman with glowing eyes asks Superman » [CLICK HERE FOR MORE]

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@Daggard » Batman v Superman Trailer Tease Coming This Thursday »

THE GEEK SPOT V1 DC fans it seems that you will be able to see the long awaited trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice sooner than you thought » [CLICK HERE FOR MORE]

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@PODfellas » First look at Jared Leto with green hair as The Joker in ‘Suicide Squad’ »

THE GEEK SPOT V1 Suicide Squad director David Ayer has released the first look at Jared Leto as The Joker, and he’s looking insanely villainous » [CLICK HERE FOR MORE]

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