@PODfellas » Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Cast and Crew Tease the Face-Off

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Cast and Crew Tease the Upcoming Face-Off

THE GEEK SPOT V1This morning, we got our first official look at photos from the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which will see the first on screen appearance of the title characters together in a movie ever. Speaking with EW, director Zack Snyder revealed the secret origin of the film in what would have been a scene at the end of Man of Steel, which he pitched to Christopher Nolan and David Goyer » [CLICK HERE FOR MORE]

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@PODfellas » The Batmobile Chasing The Joker In ‘Suicide Squad’ Footage

THE GEEK SPOT V1Ever since “Suicide Squad” was first announced, rumors have circulated that DC and Warner Bros. were planning on bringing their new version of Batman from the upcoming “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice” movie into the villain-centered spin-off at some point. Those rumors became even more intense when filming began earlier this spring and Ben “Batfleck” Affleck was reportedly spotted on set » [CLICK HERE FOR MORE]

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@PODfellas » The First BATMAN V SUPERMAN Trailer Is Attached to MAD MAX »


Ever since Warner Bros. announced its Man of Steel follow-up, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, I’ve been waiting to see a trailer. Obviously those at Comic-Con last year got to see a tiny bit of footage from the film, but WB never officially released it, so most people have yet to see anything » [CLICK HERE FOR MORE]

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@Daggard » The Geek Spot » New BATMAN v SUPERMAN Promo Art »

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What is apparently a crew t-shirt for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has started doing the rounds online, and it offers up our best look yet at the armoured Batsuit from the Comic-Con teaser trailer as the Caped Crusader goes to war with the Man of Steel. Check it out » [CLICK HERE TO READ MORE]

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@PODfellas » The Geek Spot » Batman vs Superman trailer to be shown with Mad Max? »


Can’t wait for Zack Snyder’s forthcoming Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice to hit cinemas in 2016? You could be seeing the official trailer for the film in May, if the latest internet rumours are to be believed…[Click here to read on]

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PODfellas » Kneel Before POD #035 (R18) » ‘Geek Boners’

R18 » Podcast may contain strong language »

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What a great year of geeky-freakyness eh! Guardians of the Galaxy showed that Marvel is basically the yummiest POO ever and that we should all take a big whiff. The Hobbits wrapped up the end of an era, the Star Wars trailer ruined jeans world wide  & Nicki Minaj posed as Spider-Girl (not really but kinda). Oh oh remember when that dude from Comic-Con recoded that bit from BvS when we got to see the bats in his armour… #JIZZINMYPANTS

So many good moments and it feels like we’ve only just scratched the surface which is why the fellas from Kneel Before POD will be back next year to continue bringing you more geeky goodness with a twist of freaky weirdness to ensure your ear-holes are being attended to.

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@PODfellas » The Geek Spot » Find Out Which Batman Character Is Already Dead In BATMAN V SUPERMAN »



Ok, are you sure you want to find out who is dead when Batman v Superman opens?

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